Understanding full cost recovery

  • Posted on: Wed, 2016-09-14 15:39
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'Full cost recovery' simply means securing funding for – or 'recovering' – all organisational costs, including the direct costs of projects and their associated overheads. Funding full cost recovery is a way of strengthening the voluntary heritage sector and in particular the small and medium-sized heritage organisations delivering our projects to a local community. This guidance explains how to prepare a claim for full cost recovery as part of your application.

Essential for... Voluntary-sector applicants who want to claim a portion of their core costs as part of their grant request.


  1. Understanding full cost recovery
  2. The principles
  3. Who can apply for these costs?
  4. How should you work out and present your overheads?
  5. How will we assess these costs?
  6. What costs can you include?
  7. How will we pay for these costs?
  8. Sources of further information
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