Thinking about interpretation

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Providing interpretive materials is one way you can meet HLF’s mandatory aim to ‘help people to learn about their own and other people’s heritage’. This guidance explains how you can use interpretation to communicate to the public the interest, significance, value and meaning of heritage and sets out up-to-date costs for a range of interpretative methods.


  1. Introduction
  2. Our aims
  3. What do we mean by interpretation?
  4. Why interpret your heritage asset?
  5. Equal access
  6. Audiences and their needs
  7. It’s the content that matters most
  8. Environmental sustainability
  9. Working with consultants and designers
  10. Community involvement
  11. Training staff and volunteers
  12. Evaluation
  13. Example costs of interpretation
  14. Consents, permissions and copyright
  15. Choosing your media
  16. Information and advice
  17. Appendix - Our grant programmes
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