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Digital technology permeates almost all of our society and supports and drives our business, communication and leisure activities. To that end, we have introduced a change of policy to allow the creation of, and public engagement with, digital materials to be the main focus of a project we fund. This means that we will now fund a stand-alone digital project provided it meets our aims and the criteria of the grant programme to which you are applying.

We have specific requirements, which are set out in our Terms of Grant, for 'digital outputs' produced with our funding as part of any HLF project. We are using the term 'digital output’ to cover anything you create in your HLF project in a digital format which is designed to give access to heritage and / or to help people engage with and learn about heritage; for example a collection of digital images or sound files, an online heritage resource or exhibition, or a smartphone app.

Essential for…

Anyone using digital technology in their heritage project. This document covers topics such as: planning (meeting the needs of your target audience, using appropriate technology, compliance with relevant standards and value for money); storing and sharing digital files and long-term maintenance; and managing user-generated content.

  1. Introduction
  2. Our aims
  3. HLF’s policy on stand-alone digital projects
  4. HLF’s requirements for digital outputs from all HLF projects
  5. Deciding to use digital technology in your project
  6. Uses of digital technology
  7. Staff and skill requirements
  8. Creating digital outputs
  9. Managing digital outputs during your project
  10. Digital learning and participation
  11. Evaluating your digital outputs
  12. Managing, maintaining and sustaining digital outputs
  13. Checklist of project planning questions
  14. Information and advice
  15. Glossary
  16. Appendix
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