Thinking about community participation

  • Posted on: Thu, 2016-08-18 09:11
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Community participation is about including local people in the decision-making and delivery of your project. It could involve opportunities for communities to influence the direction of your project, or to take a role in delivering heritage conservation or learning activities. This guidance will help you to decide the most appropriate level of participation for your project, and tips on making it work.


  • Introduction 
  • Our aims 
  • What do we mean by community participation?
  • What are the benefits of community participation? 
  • What is right for your project? 
  • Being inclusive 
  • Training and support for your community participation work 
  • Evaluating your community participation work 
  • What we fund 
  • Sources of advice and information 
  • Appendix A: Tips for including everyone
  • Appendix B Our grant programmes
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