Planning greener heritage projects

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As part of your application you will need to tell us about the environmental impacts you think your project will have. In this document we outline the environmental impacts we think are likely to be important on projects of differing sizes and type – and what we think it should be possible to achieve on each. We take into account how you respond to these guidelines in our decision making.

Essential for… Anyone with a heritage project involving capital or conservation work.


  1. Introduction 
  2. Our policy
  3. Does the guidance apply to your project?
  4. New-build and refurbishment
  5. Whole life costing
  6. Relationship to other HLF guidance 
  7. The guidance 
  8. Energy efficiency 
  9. Renewable energy 
  10. Water 
  11. Building materials 
  12. Construction waste 
  13. Soil (including peat) 
  14. Timber 
  15. Biodiversity 
  16. Visitor transport 
  17. Summary of the guidance 
  18. More help – sources of further information 
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