Planning activities in heritage projects

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This guidance is designed to help you plan the activities you will offer the public as part of your heritage project and present us with the information we need to assess your Heritage Grants application. It describes the process of planning learning and participation activity in three straightforward steps, and sets out our requirements for what an Activity Plan should contain.

Essential guidance for… Anyone applying to our Heritage Grants programme.

Useful for…  Anyone applying under our targeted programmes, Townscape Heritage Initiative, Landscape Partnerships and Parks for People – see each programme’s guidance for more information. Those applicants who are planning smaller projects that are focussed on learning and participation might also find the guidance useful as the planning process is the same whatever the scale of activity.


  1. Introduction 
  2. Understanding our aims
  3. The Heritage Grants application process and activity plan
  4. Outline of an activity plan 
  5. Activity planning
  6. Step-by-step planning framework 
  7. Step 1: Looking at where you are now
  8. Step 2: Making strategic decisions about involving people 
  9. Step 3: Action planning
  10. Appendix A: Action plan template
  11. Appendix B: Detailed help with Steps 1-3 of the planning framework
  12. Appendix C: Data tables for the second-round application form
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