Management and maintenance planning

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If you a planning a project that includes capital works, such as the repair of a historic structure, the conservation of an archive, or new building work, then you will need to be clear about how you will look after it in the long term. A ten-year management and maintenance plan will help you identify the resources you need and the actions you will need to take to keep the work we have funded in good condition.

Essential for… Applications for Heritage Grants with a grant request of under £1 million but which is for a project that involves more than £200,000 of capital and/or conservation works.

Useful for… Anyone applying for a grant under our targeted programmes – Townscape Heritage Initiative, Parks for People, Landscape Partnerships and Repair Grants for Places of Worship (see each programme’s guidance for more information).


  1. Introduction
  2. About management and maintenance planning
  3. Links between your management and maintenance plan and other planning
  4. Steps in preparing a management and maintenance plan
  5. Contents of a management and maintenance plan
  6. Tips for successful planning
  7. Appendix A - Further guidance for different types of heritage
  8. Appendix B - Model brief for commissioning a management and maintenance plan
  9. Appendix C - Summary table for management and maintenance
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