Improving your project for disabled people

  • Posted on: Wed, 2016-09-14 15:50
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Disabled people are under-represented as visitors to many heritage sites, but their expectations are rising and they are increasingly participating in heritage activities. This guidance provides useful tips on how to make your project more accessible and reminds you of your legal obligations not to discriminate against disabled people.

Useful for… Any applicants to any of our grant programmes who want to make it easier for disabled people to participate in heritage and particularly those who want to reach out to disabled people as a new audience.


  1. Introduction
  2. Our aims
  3. About disability
  4. First principles
  5. How do I improve things?
  6. Changing attitudes
  7. Auxiliary aids and services for people with visual impairments
  8. Auxiliary aids and services for people with hearing impairments
  9. Auxiliary aids and services for people with intellectual impairments
  10. Physical access improvements
  11. Providing information
  12. Websites
  13. Events and exhibitions
  14. Staff training
  15. Sources of advice and information
  16. Appendix A - The Disability Discrimination Act – a summary
  17. Appendix B - Our grant programmes
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