Financial appraisal for heritage projects

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This guidance is designed primarily for heritage projects that plan to make a charge for entry, or for use of facilities or for other services provided, for example, venue hire, catering, or retailing. If your project is not based at a physical heritage site, but will be dependent on generating a revenue stream (for example, from a website), you will still need to undertake a market and financial appraisal. This guidance explains how to do that and how to present the evidence for your project’s financial viability in your second-round application.

Essential for… Applications for Heritage Grants of over £1 million.

Useful for… Any Heritage Grants project (grants over £100,000) that is dependent on generating an additional revenue stream for financial sustainability.


  1. Introduction 
  2. Links to other parts of your application 
  3. Assessing the market for priced services 
  4. Undertaking financial appraisal 
  5. Websites and online services
  6. Appendix A: Sources of information 
  7. Appendix B: Income and spending table 
  8. Appendix C: Cash flow 
  9. Appendix D: Glossary of common terms
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