Evaluating your HLF project

  • Posted on: Wed, 2016-09-14 15:22
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In this guidance we explain the evaluation work that we want the organisations we fund to carry out. We expect evaluation feedback from all the projects we support, in the form of an evaluation report and an evaluation questionnaire. This document explains more on these and also provides an introduction to some of the evaluation tools and techniques that you might want to use.

Essential for…  All applicants for larger grants (over £100,000 through any programme).


  1. Introduction 
  2. Our approach to evaluation 
  3. Why do we want project evaluations and what will we do with them?
  4. What we expect from projects we fund
  5. What we will provide 
  6. Telling your project story 
  7. Counting 
  8. The basic data we require back from projects
  9. People characteristics
  10. Capturing people characteristics 
  11. Beyond counting 
  12. What else to measure? 
  13. Techniques and tools: measuring the difference made to heritage 
  14. Techniques and tools: measuring the difference made for people
  15. The question of questions 
  16. More help and ideas
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