Landscape Partnerships 


This is where you can find materials relating to the Landscape Partnerships programme, for projects which received a first-round decision before 1 April 2013.

If you are preparing a second-round application, please contact your HLF office to find out when decision meetings take place and for information about deadlines.

If we received your application after 1 July 2012, and you are producing digital outputs as part of your project, please read about our requirements for digital outputs.

 Landscape Partnerships resources

Please find a list below of the worked examples currently available for this programme. We would also recommend that you read the HLF guidance alongside this online resource.

The following are examples of forms submitted to us by successful applicants of past and existing Landscape Partnerships (LP) schemes. They should not, and are not intended to, be used as templates. You should only use them as a guide to help you in the application process and, if your application is successful, in the management of your project.

  1. Team structure
  2. Job descriptions
  3. Vision statements
  4. Scheme maps
  5. Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP)
  6. End of scheme report
  7. Previous project applicants

Application materials

Recommended reading

 Further resources

View our range of further resources. These include publications such as First steps in learning, Thinking about community participation and Management and Maintenance planning.